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The drinks

Cocktail "Creamy Beauty"

Ingredients for making the Creamy Beauty cocktail Banana 1 piece Apple 1 piece Pear 1 piece Chinese cabbage 2 sheets Soy milk 200 milliliters Vanillin to taste (optional) Main ingredients Banana, Apple, Pear Portion 1 serving Print this list Products not suitable? Choose a similar recipe from others!
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Borsch with beans and mushrooms

Ingredients for cooking borsch with beans and mushrooms Beetroot 1 pc Potato 4 pc White cabbage 1/2 small head Carrot 1 pc Tomatoes 2 pcs Frozen mushrooms 150 g Beans (canned red) 2 tbs Onions 1 pc Garlic 2 cloves Vinegar 1 teaspoon Vegetable oil for frying Sugar to taste Salt to taste Pure water 2 l Main ingredients Beans, Beets, Mushrooms Print list Inappropriate products?
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Bakery products

Raspberry Jam Puffs

Ingredients for preparing puffs with raspberry jam Puff pastry blitz: Premium wheat flour 1 1/2 cups Butter 200 g or good cream margarine Salt 1/4 teaspoon Baking powder 1/2 teaspoon Sour cream (20%) 1 / 2 cups Flour on the subfill For the filling: raspberry jam 350 g For the top of the puffs: egg 1 pc sugar 1/4 cup Main ingredients Raspberry, Butter, Sour cream, Flour, Puff pastry Portion 16 portions Print this list Inappropriate products?
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Pork with peaches

Ingredients for cooking pork with peaches Pork (shoulder or neck) 1.5-2 kilograms Canned peach 1 can Sour cream 100 grams Laurel leaf 4-6 pieces Salt to taste Ground black pepper to taste Spicy herbs (rosemary, sage or others) to taste Main ingredients Pork, Peach Portion 1 serving World cuisine Romanian cuisine Print this list Products not suitable?
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Winter horserador

Ingredients for preparing a winter horserador Main ingredients Portioning 8 servings Print this list Products not suitable? Choose a similar recipe from others! Inventory: A tablespoon, a cutting board, a knife, a peeler, a medium bowl, a plate - 2 pieces, a blender, a large bowl, a teaspoon, a small pan with a lid, a sieve or a flat colander, kitchen pots, 2 liter glass jars, twisted metal lids - 2 pieces, a cloth towel, kitchen tongs, a scoop, a fridge, a deep bowl for serving, a stove, a kitchen sponge, dishwashing detergent, a garlic squeezer Preparing a winter horse picker: Step 1:.
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Lazy dumplings in a pan

Ingredients for preparing lazy dumplings in a pan Wheat flour 3 cups Water 1 cup Chicken egg 1 piece Soda 1/2 teaspoon Vinegar 1/2 teaspoon Salt 1 teaspoon Sour cream 200 grams Butter 100 grams Veal or beef 400 grams Onions 1 piece (large) Cilantro 1 bunch Parsley 1 bunch Salt to taste Black ground pepper to taste Main ingredients Beef, Veal, Flour Portion 4-5 Print the list Products not suitable?
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