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Cake made of ready-made biscuit cakes

Ingredients for making cake made of biscuit cakes

For the basics

  1. 2 sponge cake cakes

For decoration and filling

  1. Strawberry 250 grams
  2. Peaches 4 pieces

For impregnation

  1. Sugar 1 tablespoon
  2. Purified water 2 tablespoons

For cream

  1. Cream 35% 450 milliliters
  2. Powdered sugar 5 tablespoons
  • Main Ingredients: Peach, Strawberry, Cream, Sponge Cake, Sugar
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Large flat dish, mixer, bowl for mixer, tablespoon, kitchen knife, cutting board, small pan, pastry sleeve.

Making a cake from ready-made biscuit cakes:

Step 1: Prepare the cream.

Before preparing the cream for the cake, you need to place the whisks - nozzles for the mixer, and the bowl in which you will cook in the refrigerator 5-7 minutes. Anyway cookware for cream must be cooled.
Pour fat cream into a bowl (you also need to cool them before cooking), pour sugar in the same place. Beat with a mixer. This can take a lot of time, you yourself will understand when your cream has become the right consistency. No lumps, only a homogeneous cream with a smooth texture. Put the finished mixture in the refrigerator.

Step 2: Prepare the impregnation.

Cake impregnation is easier to prepare than cream. Pour water into a small saucepan, mix with sugar, put on fire and bring to a boil, stirring all the time. Sugar should be completely dissolved. Let it boil a little less than 1 minute. Remove from heat.

Step 3: Prepare the fruit.

Put the strawberries in a colander and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry, remove green ponytails and cut into cubes, but leave a few pieces intact on the cake decoration.
Rinse and peach as well, peel, cut in half and remove the stone. Crush into medium sized pieces. Also leave one or two peaches for decoration.

Step 4: Putting the cake together.

Take one of the prepared biscuit cakes and place it on a dry, flat dish, suitable in size. If your cake is too thick, it is best to cut it into two parts along, otherwise it will not be soaked properly and will be too dry.
On top of the cake, we coat with specially prepared sugar mixture for this, then with cream. Be sure to leave a small distance from the edge, otherwise after you plant the second cake, the filling will fall out. Put fruits on the cream, you can with a slide.
Apply another layer of cream to the fruit. It is convenient to spread it with a cold tablespoon.
Lubricate the next sponge cake with impregnation on one side and lay it on this cake on that side. Press, but do not overdo it, do not break your confectionery.
The top layer of the last biscuit cake is also greased with cooked impregnation, and then with cream from whipped cream with sugar.
The cake is almost ready, the matter is left to the small. Coarse and specially laid out fruits, cut large and beautifully and put on the top of the product as you like. For example, stack peach slices in a circle, and in the middle, put whole or halved strawberries. You can also decorate the cake on the sides with thin slices of berries. Fill the remaining cream in the pastry sleeve and make a border out of it, gently squeezing along the edge of your product.
The finished cake should be allowed to infuse and soak, for this, directly on the dish, place it in the refrigerator 3-4 hours. Attention! There should be no other pungent products in the refrigerator! They can ruin the flavor of the cake!

Step 5: Serve the fruit sponge cake.

Ready cake is best served on the same day. Serve it for dessert, putting it all in the center of the table. Sponge cake with cream and fruit also has a pleasant, just wonderful smell and decorates the table. Offer aromatic tea or coffee to it. Serve it for a holiday, for a birthday or just to show your family how you appreciate and love them.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can use any seasonal fruits that combine with each other, but I do not recommend using kiwi, as it is likely that the filling will start to be bitter.

- In some recipes, cognac or rum is added to the impregnation to add flavor.

- The cake is also very beautiful and appetizing if you decorate it with grated or melted chocolate on top.

- Light cottage cheese cream also combines well with biscuit cakes and fruits.

- To make the cake look more beautiful, it has a glossy and shiny top layer, sometimes it is coated with special gelatin on top.