Omelette salad

Ingredients for Salad with Omelet

For omelet

  1. Egg 4 pieces
  2. Sour cream 3 tablespoons
  3. 2 cloves of garlic
  4. Dried herbs 3 tablespoons
  5. Salt to taste

For salad

  1. Tomato 4 pieces
  2. Bulgarian pepper 2 pieces
  3. Curd cheese 150 grams
  4. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredients: Pepper, Tomato, Eggs
  • Portion 3-4
  • World CuisineFrench Cuisine


Frying pan, wooden spatula, fork, kitchen knife, cutting board, deep bowl, flat salad bowls for each person.

Making omelette salad:

Step 1: Cook the omelet.

Break the eggshell of the eggs and pour the contents into the prepared dishes. Peel the garlic cloves from the husks into small pieces, add to the bowl to the broken eggs. Add the greens, salt and sour cream. Using a fork or whisk, whisk and mix all the contents.

Heat a little vegetable or butter in a skillet. Gradually pour the egg mixture and reduce the heat to medium. Fry it until it seizes, then gently lift the omelet with a spatula along the edges to unclip the adhering parts from the pan. When you make sure that the omelet moves freely on the dishes and does not stick, use a spatula to turn it over to the other side, like a pancake, and bake further until cooked. Do not close the lid, otherwise the dish will become lush, but we do not need this.

When our omelet is ready, put it on a cutting board and chop it into small cubes or rectangles.

Step 2: Prepare the vegetables.

Rinse tomatoes and peppers under running water and pat dry. In tomatoes, remove the place where the tail used to be, and from the peppers also remove the seed core. Crumble the vegetables with beautiful circles, as in the photo, so our salad will come out more elegant and appetizing.
Cut the curd cheese into thin slices.

Step 3: Cooking the Salad.

Fill tomato slices in prepared portioned plates, lightly add salt and lay on top of them slices of cottage cheese, then scrambled eggs. To top it, put the rings of bell pepper. That's all, start serving the dishes on the table.

Step 4: Serve the omelette salad.

Serve the finished salad immediately, without waiting until the omelet has completely cooled. Decorate it with greens if desired or add dressing. Here is such a hearty and tasty breakfast! Eat with pleasure.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can also use soft cream cheese or yogurt without additives.

- Of course, garlic can not be added, but with it omelet turns out more aromatic.

- Fresh herbs and chives also complement this salad.