A fish

Dorado in a slow cooker

Ingredients for Dorado Cooking in a Multicooker

  1. Medium-sized Dorada fish (frozen) 2 pieces
  2. 1 medium lemon
  3. Medium-sized garlic 4-5 pieces
  4. Ground pepper mixture to taste
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Seasoning for fish to taste
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings


Cutting board, kitchen knife, small bowl, juicer, tablespoon, garlic squeezer, deep bowl, slow cooker, serving dish, kitchen spatula

Cooking dorada in a multicooker:

Step 1: prepare the dorada fish.

Usually, frozen fish is sold at grocery markets, but it is already gutted, so it only needs to be brought to room temperature. To do this, put the dorado in a small bowl and leave it aside. Important: no need to speed up this process with a microwave or a stream of hot water, otherwise you can ruin the taste of the dish.

Then we wash the carcasses from all sides and return it to a clean bowl. If you wish, you can remove the head, but in the mood I leave it for beauty.

Step 2: prepare the garlic.

We put the garlic on a cutting board and lightly press down with the edge of the knife. Next, with clean hands we clean the cloves from the husk and rinse under running water.

We spread the components back onto a flat surface and, in turn, grind them using a garlic squeezer directly into a deep bowl.

Step 3: prepare the lemon.

To prepare the dish, we need not the lemon itself, but only its juice. Therefore, using a juicer, squeeze out all the liquid from the citrus and then pour it into a bowl with chopped garlic.

Step 4: prepare the marinade for the fish.

In a bowl with garlic and freshly squeezed lemon juice, add seasoning for fish, salt and a mixture of ground peppers to taste. Using a tablespoon, mix everything thoroughly until smooth. That's it, the marinade is ready!

Step 5: prepare a dorada in a slow cooker.

The first step is to coat the fish with marinade on all sides. Then put it in the pan of the multicooker and immediately install Baking mode for 35 minutes. Next, close the lid and wait. When will pass 20 minutesUsing a kitchen spatula, gently turn the fish over to the other side so that it can bake evenly on all sides. Attention: Do not forget to close the lid again. We wait for the desired signal and then turn off the appliance from the network. Everything, the dorada is ready!

Step 6: serve the dorada in a slow cooker.

Using a kitchen spatula, we take out still warm dorado from the slow cooker and put it on a special plate. If desired, the fish can be decorated with fresh herbs, slices of lemon and in this form served to the dining table. By the way, boiled rice, mashed potatoes, and various salads from fresh vegetables are ideal for her.
Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- if you have a couple of sprigs of rosemary and thyme on hand, be sure to put them in a slow cooker with fish. So the dish will turn out even more fragrant and mouth-watering;

- in addition to the spices specified in the recipe, you can also add “suneli hops”, ground dried rosemary, and a mixture of bell peppers to the marinade;

- before cooking, fish can be stuffed with onions, slices of hard cheese or slices of lemon (in the latter case, then you do not need to squeeze the juice from citrus). So the dorada turns out even more tasty and juicy;

- if you are lucky enough to find fresh fish, then be sure to gut it in advance. To do this, use a knife to make a shallow incision throughout the abdomen and carefully remove the insides. You can cut off the fins and tail with kitchen scissors, but I usually don’t. After cleaning, do not forget to thoroughly rinse the dorado on all sides under running warm water. Everything, the fish is ready, so you can start cooking it!