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Sausages in the multicooker dough

Ingredients for making sausages in a multicooker dough

For the dish:

  1. Sausages 7 pieces
  2. Chicken egg 1 piece
  3. Refined vegetable oil for greasing a multicooker pan

For the test:

  1. Milk 1 cup
  2. Sugar 1 tablespoon
  3. Salt 1 teaspoon
  4. Chicken egg 1 piece
  5. Butter 30-50 grams
  6. Dry yeast 1 tablespoon
  7. Wheat flour 1.5-2 cups
  • Main Ingredients Sausage and Sausage, Yeast Dough
  • Serving 7 servings


A glass, a tablespoon, a teaspoon, a crock-pot, a pastry brush, a medium bowl, a sieve, a small pan or Turk, a stove, kitchen potholders, a serving dish, a kitchen shovel, a cutting board, a kitchen knife, a rolling pin, a hand whisk, a cloth towel, small bowl, plate, saucer, deep bowl

Cooking sausages in a dough in a multicooker:

Step 1: prepare the butter.

We spread the butter in a clean saucer and leave it aside for a while. It should completely melt to make it easier to work with. Important: do not speed up this process with a microwave, as this can subsequently change the structure of the test. The only thing that can be done is to cut the butter into several parts, having previously laid it on a cutting board and using a knife.

Step 2: prepare the flour mixture.

Pour flour into a sieve and sift it over a small bowl. Such a process will allow us to saturate the component with oxygen and get rid of excess lumps. What does this even give? Well, firstly, we will get a beautiful magnificent dough, which means delicious pastries: the inside is soft and the outside is golden. And secondly, extra lumps will not come across in flour. This will make the dough smooth and beautiful (without tubercles).
Now pour dry yeast into a bowl and, using a tablespoon, mix everything well until smooth.

Step 3: prepare the milk.

Pour milk into a small saucepan or turk and put on medium heat. Literally through 1-2 minutes turn off the burner, and take the container with the help of kitchen tacks and pour its contents into the middle bowl. Attention: milk should be no more in temperature 37-39 degrees.

Step 4: prepare the yeast dough.

Pour sugar and salt into a bowl of warm milk. Next, using a knife, break the eggshell, and pour the yolk with protein into a common container. We spread soft butter here and with a hand whisk carefully beat everything until smooth.

Now pour the flour mixture in small portions and at the same time continue to mix everything with improvised equipment so that no lumps appear. Important: when the mass begins to become viscous, transfer it to the kitchen table, crushed by a small amount of flour.

We knead the dough with clean hands, and so on until it becomes elastic, soft and supple. Strongly stir it, too, is not necessary, otherwise the baking will turn out to be solid.

Now we form a ball from the dough and return it back to the bowl. Cover the container with a cloth towel and leave in a warm place. for 30 minutes. During this time, the dough should increase in size. It should be so. After that, we again lay it on the kitchen table, crushed with flour, and again we crush it with clean hands. Carbon dioxide, which is formed due to yeast activity, should come out of the dough. Then we again form a ball out of it and return it to the bowl. Keep the dough under a towel in a warm place still half an hour and after that we can start cooking the dish.

Step 5: prepare the sausages.

While we have the dough, we will prepare the sausages. We spread them on a cutting board and, prying off with the tip of a knife, we clear of a protective inedible film. Next, transfer the sausages to a free plate and take the egg.

Step 6: prepare the egg.

Using a knife, break the eggshell and pour the yolk with protein into a deep bowl. Using a hand whisk, beat the components until a yellow lush mass is formed.

Step 7: prepare sausages in the dough in a multicooker.

There are several ways to create sausages in a dough. The first, most likely the easiest: we take out a bowl of dough from a bowl and put it on a table crushed with flour. With the help of a rolling pin, we roll out the dough until a cake is made of it with a thickness of approximately 0.5 centimeters.

Next, using a knife, cut the layer along into 7 equal parts.

Take each sausage in turn and wrap it in a spiral strip of dough. At the end, the edge is carefully tucked into the product.

The second way: cut the dough with a knife into 7 equal parts. From each piece with clean, dry hands we form a ball.
Then, in turn, we roll them into cakes, using a rolling pin. On each layer from two opposite sides we make cuts (approximately 1.5-2 centimeters) so that they do not reach the middle somewhere 3 centimeters. Now spread the sausages in the center and wrap them in strips of dough. That is, we kind of braid spikelets.
When the baking is ready, using a pastry brush, grease its surface with a beaten egg.
Then set the pot in the slow cooker and start cooking the dish. Attention: do not forget to grease the bottom and walls of the container with a small amount of vegetable oil. Now put the sausages in the dough here and close the lid tightly. Install baking mode for 40 minutes. After the allotted time, briefly open the lid of the appliance, and turn the dish with a kitchen spatula to the other side. Set the same mode and extend the cooking time for 20 minutes. So the pastries will be browned on all sides and will be not only tasty, but also beautiful. After the beep, turn off the multicooker from the mains, open the lid and remove the sausages from the pan in the test. We put them on a special plate and we can invite everyone to the dinner table

Step 8: serve the sausages in the multicooker dough.

We still serve warm sausages in the dough to the dining table with tea or coffee. This dish can easily be treated to friends and family at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or offer the kids to take such delicious ruddy pastries with them to school, for a picnic or for training, so that they can have a little refreshment.
Bon appetit to all!

Recipe Tips:

- For the preparation of delicious dough, be sure to use premium wheat flour and fine grinding. You can sift the component several times at once, then the baking will turn out to be very airy and soft;

- An even simpler way of forming a dish is to roll a cake out of a small ball of dough, wrap a sausage in it, and then make several cuts with a knife from above. In this case, it is necessary to spread the baking in the pan of the multicooker with the seam down;

- if you want to increase the number of servings, then each sausage can be cut along into 4 parts and wrap in the dough. Then, of course, there will be more balls, and they will be smaller in size;

- such baked goods are stored for a long time. The main thing is to cover it with a cloth towel so that it does not dry out.