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Curvy fritters on yogurt

Ingredients for making curd pancakes curd

  1. Sour milk 350 milliliters
  2. Chicken egg 2 pieces
  3. Sugar 2 tablespoons
  4. Salt 1 teaspoon (no slide)
  5. Baking soda 1 teaspoon
  6. Wheat flour 1.5 cups
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Yogurt, Flour, Sugar
  • Portion10-12
  • World Cuisine


Kitchen scale, measuring cup, tablespoon, teaspoon, deep bowl - 2 pieces, a sieve with a fine mesh, a whisk, a stove, a frying pan with a lid, a wide kitchen spatula, baking paper, a large flat dish or dessert plate.

Preparation of curvy fritters on yogurt:

Step 1: prepare flour and baking soda.

To begin with, with the help of a sieve with a fine mesh, sift the desired amount of wheat flour into a deep dry bowl. This step is not avoided, due to which this ingredient becomes more friable, dry, saturated with oxygen and gets rid of any kind of litter. Then add baking soda to the flour and mix them with a whisk until a homogeneous consistency.

Step 2: prepare the eggs, sugar and salt.

Then, in turn, beat the eggs with the back of the kitchen knife and discard the squirrels and yolks into a new deep bowl. Pour salt and sugar there and beat these ingredients with the same broom until lightly splendid. We are not zealous, we devote only a couple of minutes to this process and move on.

Step 3: prepare the dough.

In a bowl with beaten eggs, we introduce yogurt and again all the baking powder. Then we begin to pour sifted flour with baking soda into the resulting mass.

We act gradually, adding them in small portions spoon after spoon, while kneading a dough of medium density, similar to very rich cream. After that, lay out the rest of the ingredients on the countertop, as well as the equipment that will be needed to prepare the dessert, and proceed to the next, in fact, almost final step.

Step 4: prepare curvy pancakes on yogurt.

We turn on the stove on the fire between the smallest and average levels and put on it a frying pan with the right amount of vegetable oil. After some time, with the help of a tablespoon, lower the first portion of the dough into the heated fat, trying to form an even circle 1 cm thick. In the same way, we spread another 3-4 pancakes, at a small distance from each other, two centimeters of free space between each product will be enough. We fry kruglyashi on both sides to a golden or dark beige color, but if you like strongly browned, then to a brown crust. To prepare one serving will take about 2-3 minutes.

As soon as the flour products reach the desired consistency, using a kitchen spatula, we move them to the countertop covered with baking paper and leave it on it so that it absorbs excess fat. We don’t lose a minute, add oil to the pan and cook the remaining pancakes in the same way until the dough is over, and then you can start tasting!

Step 5: serve the pancakes lush on yogurt.

Lush fritters on yogurt served warm as a dessert to a sweet table. They are served in different ways: either on a large flat dish or immediately in portions on plates. As a complement to such yummy, you can offer honey, jam, cream, sour cream, butter, chopped fruits and berries, or various types of syrups, such as chocolate, fruit, vanilla, citrus, or one that you like more. Well, savor such a dish is pleasant with fresh hot, only brewed drinks, tea, coffee, jelly, compote or something else to taste. Cook with pleasure and enjoy!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- the pancakes should be baked inside, but at the same time slightly tender, if you like a denser dough, then it’s better to cover the pan with a lid while cooking this dish, leaving a small gap for steam to escape;

- extinguish soda with vinegar is not necessary, it will make a dairy product - yogurt, it also has acids;

- this dish will turn out more appetizing if you cook it on creamy fats: margarine, butter;

- an alternative to baking soda - a baking powder for dough, one bag, that is 15 grams, is quite enough;

- some housewives add vanilla sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins, chopped nuts or dried fruits to the dough.