Buckwheat with stew in a slow cooker

Ingredients for cooking buckwheat with stew in a slow cooker

  1. Pork stew 1 can (capacity 500 grams)
  2. Carrot 1 piece
  3. Onion 1 piece
  4. Buckwheat 2 multi-glasses
  5. Purified water 4 multi-glasses
  6. Vegetable oil 3 tablespoons
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Ground black pepper to taste
  9. Laurel leaf to taste
  • Main ingredients: Pork, Onion, Carrot, Buckwheat
  • Portion4-5
  • World Cuisine


Kitchen knife, kitchen board, deep plate, table fork, tablespoon, paper kitchen towels, parchment paper, colander with fine mesh, grater, multicooker, multi-glass, wooden or silicone kitchen spatula, portion plate.

Cooking buckwheat with stew in a slow cooker:

Step 1: prepare buckwheat.

First of all, we cover the countertop with a sheet of baking or parchment paper, pour the necessary amount of buckwheat onto it and sort it out, removing any kind of rubbish, for example, such as husks, small pebbles or something else. Then we throw the cereal into a sieve with a fine mesh, rinse thoroughly until the flowing liquid becomes transparent, and leave it in the sink until use.

Step 2: prepare the vegetables.

Then, using a sharp kitchen knife, peel all the vegetables indicated in the recipe, rinse them under trickles of running water, dry them with paper kitchen towels, put them on a cutting board in turn and continue preparation. We chop the beam with straws, half rings, quarters or cubes up to 1 centimeter thick.

We chop the carrots on a fine, medium or large grater and move on.

Step 3: prepare the stew, water and other ingredients.

Pour purified water into the kettle and put on medium heat, let it boil. After that, using a special key for canned food, open a jar of stew. We move its contents into a deep dish and knead the pork with a table fork into small pieces or, if it is finely chopped, just grind the meat into gruel. Then we put the rest of the ingredients on the countertop, as well as the equipment that will be needed to prepare the dish, and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: prepare buckwheat with stew in a slow cooker.

We insert the plug of the multicooker into the socket, fix the teflon bowl into its recess and pour 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil into it. Then we select the “Baking” or “Frying” mode on the board and press “Start”. After about 60 seconds, we throw off the onions and carrots into the fat starting to warm up and cook them for 10 minutes.
Then we pour in the bowl the buckwheat that managed to dry, put the stew, fill everything with hot water from the teapot, season to taste with salt, black pepper, a leaf of laurel and mix these ingredients with a wooden or silicone kitchen spatula to a homogeneous consistency. Next, turn off the multicooker and set the new mode "Buckwheat", "Grain" or "Stew", basically the time for these programs is always set automatically for 40 minutes. We cover the device with a tight-fitting lid, press the "Start" button and wait. When the dish is ready, the miracle technician will give an appropriate sound signal.

As soon as the slow cooker announces the end of the process, carefully release hot steam from under the lid. Then again we mix the prepared buckwheat to a homogeneous consistency, lay out the fragrant dishes in portions on plates, put on the table and invite the family to it!

Step 5: serve buckwheat with stew in a slow cooker.

Buckwheat with stew in a slow cooker is served hot for a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner, although you can also eat it for an afternoon snack. Serve this yummy in portions on plates, and as a supplement, they often offer salads, fresh vegetable slices, marinades, pickles, and, if desired, fresh bread. Cook with love, enjoy and be healthy!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- instead of vegetable oil, you can use butter or melted animal fats;

- very often, along with onions and carrots, a little sweet salad pepper and finely chopped tomatoes are fried;

- some housewives add a little sour cream, cream or tomato paste to hot water, and sometimes even replace this liquid with broth or vegetable broth;

- An alternative to pork stew - beef or chicken, but with the latter be extremely careful, very often it comes across large as well as small bird bones.