Pears in syrup for the winter

Ingredients for the preparation of pears in syrup for the winter

For 1 can of 500 milliliters

  1. Fresh pears 300-320 grams
  2. Sugar 50 grams
  3. Water 200-230 milliliters
  4. Citric acid 1 pinch (+ a little more for soaking pears)
  • Main Ingredients Sugar, Pear


Stewpan, glass jars with lids, a kitchen knife, a knife for cleaning vegetables, a blanket or a blanket, a teaspoon, a tablespoon, hot pot holders, a deep plate.

Cooking pears in syrup for the winter:

Step 1: Prepare the pears.

First prepare an acidic solution. To do this, pour a little clean water into a deep plate and dissolve a sufficient amount of citric acid in it. The solution should become noticeably acidic, taste it to make sure that you have added enough acid.

Now get down to the pears. Rinse them thoroughly with warm running water, and then take one and carefully peel a thin skin from it.

Divide the peeled fruit into halves and remove the core with seeds from it, as well as cut a twig and tail.

But now you will understand why we had diluted citric acid in water in advance. Since peeling pears for a long time, and their flesh quickly darkens, which is not very appetizing, we need to maintain a beautiful light color. To do this, immediately after cleaning, put the prepared fruit in a solution of citric acid, and only then start cleaning the next pear. Thanks to this, the fruit will not darken and we will preserve neat light pieces.

Step 2: Put the pears in jars.

Once all the pears have been cleaned, put them in jars washed with soda and sterilized (of course, before the pears need to be removed from the acidic solution and slightly shaken off). Tightly stacked pieces of fruit pour boiling water over it, close with boiled lids and leave on 5-9 minutes.

Step 3: Prepare the syrup.

Drain the pear cans into the pan. On its basis we will prepare syrup. To do this, you need to boil the water again, but now pouring granulated sugar into it and adding citric acid in the indicated quantity (see list of ingredients). After the syrup boils and all the sugar has dissolved, let it boil for another 2-3 minutes.

Step 4: Harvest the pears in syrup for the winter.

Pour the ready-made syrup into the jars, filling the jars to the very neck, and then tightly cover all the roofs.
Turn the pears in syrup upside down and put on the lids, wrap them with a blanket or blanket and let your workpieces stand until they are completely cooled. After they can be rearranged to other blanks.

Step 5: Serve the pears in syrup.

Pears in syrup are pieces of natural fruit, which in themselves are an excellent dessert, but they can also be used for baking and milkshakes, decorating cakes and other, other, other things. Fruits in winter are a real joy, it is a pleasure to eat them, especially if you have children in your family. Agree, it’s better to eat it yourself and give the child a natural treat, than something is not clear from what and how cooked, bought in a store.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can add spices such as vanilla or cinnamon stick to pear syrup to taste, they will add flavor and make the workpiece even more interesting.

- The most delicious preparation is obtained from dense ripe pears.