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Ham and Mushroom Pizza

Ham and Mushroom Pizza Ingredients

For the test

  1. Wheat flour 4.5 cups
  2. Fresh yeast 70 grams
  3. Warm water 300 milliliters
  4. Sugar 2 tablespoons
  5. Olive oil 2.5 tablespoons
  6. Salt 1 teaspoon

For filling

  1. Mozzarella to taste
  2. Fresh champignons 500 grams
  3. Cheese 250 grams
  4. Ham 400 grams
  5. Basil and oregano (dried) to taste

For the sauce

  1. Tomato paste 1 small jar
  2. Olive oil 1 tablespoon
  3. Herbs (oregano and basil) to taste
  4. Water 1/3 cup or to taste
  5. Garlic 1-2 cloves
  • Main ingredients: Ham, Mushrooms, Cheese, Flour
  • Serving 8-10


Baking dish, deep plate, sieve, kitchen knife, grater, cutting board, tablespoon, hot pots, rolling pin, bowl.

Cooking pizza with ham and mushrooms:

Step 1: prepare the sourdough.

In a bowl, mix yeast, warm boiled water, two tablespoons sugar and two tablespoons wheat flour. Mix everything thoroughly and leave to rise.
Keep the yeast warm until it foams and expands.

Step 2: knead the dough.

Sift wheat flour into a free plate, add olive oil and salt. Pour in the ready-made sourdough and knead soft and firm dough. If the mass is too steep, add a little water.
Knead the pizza dough with your hands for a long time, about 10 minutes. Then you need to return it to the plate, cover with a kitchen towel or a clean cloth and wait for the yeast to do its job, increasing the mass of the dough.

When the dough rises, it needs to be kneaded again and left to warm again for a while so that it swells again.

Step 3: prepare the sauce.

Peel the garlic cloves and chop them with a special press. Then add the other ingredients for the tomato sauce to them.

Mix all the ingredients together well. Add some water as needed, but this is usually not required.

Step 4: prepare the ingredients for the filling.

Mushrooms should be thoroughly washed, dried, removed the earthy parts of the legs and cut into thin slices.
Crumble the ham into strips or thin slices as you like best.

Grate cheese on a coarse grater.

Mozzarella cheese can be granulated, or you can also grind it with a grater.

Step 5: prepare the basis for pizza.

When the dough increases in 2 times, you can cook pizza from it. From this amount of dough, you can make several small or medium pizzas, or a couple of large ones as you want.
Nip off a piece of dough and roll it thinly, giving the workpiece the desired shape.

Pour the cheese around the edges and wrap the dough in such a way as to hide it and form low sides. This is not a necessary action, but it certainly turns out tastier.

As a result, you get a neat rectangular or round pizza base.

Step 6: add the filling to the pizza.

Spread the base with previously prepared tomato paste sauce.

Sprinkle mozzarella cheese over the sauce.

Add slices of ham, gently scattering them over the entire area of ​​the base.

Spread thin slices of fresh mushrooms on top of the ham. Of course, you can put canned or fried, but they will have a slightly different taste, be sure to consider this.

Sprinkle a small amount of grated cheese on top. Season the filling with dried herbs: basil and oregano.

Step 7: bake pizza with ham and mushrooms.

Bake pizza with 190 degrees until ready. The dough should be covered with a golden brown, and the cheese should completely melt. When you open the oven you will feel an amazing aroma! Remove the prepared pizza, let it cool for a couple of minutes, and then serve it to the table.

Step 8: serve pizza with ham and mushrooms.

Serve pizza with ham and mushrooms hot. Just cut it into pieces and serve with juice, soda or tea. It will be very tasty! And nothing else is needed. Unless a good company, so pizza will be even better.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Some housewives add mayonnaise to pizza over cheese.

- You can use chicken ham, not just meat. You can also add boiled sausage.