Pickled oyster mushrooms

Ingredients for the preparation of pickled oyster mushrooms

  1. Oyster mushrooms 1 kilogram
  2. Purified water 1 liter
  3. Table salt (large) 1 tablespoon (with a slide)
  4. Granulated sugar 1 tablespoon (with a slide)
  5. Citric acid 1 teaspoon (no slide)
  6. Laurel leaf 5-6 pieces or to taste
  7. Ground black pepper or peas to taste
  • Main Ingredients Mushrooms, Sugar
  • Serving 1 serving
  • World Cuisine


Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Deep pan (3 liter capacity), Knife, Cutting board, Deep bowl, Kitchen towel, Stove, Skimmer, Sterilized liter or half liter can - as needed, Plastic lid - as needed, Watering can with a wide neck, Ladle , Refrigerator, Colander, Salad Bowl

Cooking pickled oyster mushrooms:

Step 1: prepare the mushrooms.

We wash a kilogram of oyster mushrooms under cold running water. Shake them over the sink from excess water, transfer to a cutting board and carefully cut the roots. You don’t have to cut too much, thickened stems of mushrooms can be used for pickling.
We cut large mushroom caps along two halves, leave the smaller ones intact, cut large stems into slices up to 1 centimeter thick. Transfer the mushrooms into a deep bowl and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: pickle oyster mushrooms.

We put on a medium fire a deep pan with 1 liter of pure water. There we add salt, sugar, bay leaf and black pepper.
Then pour the prepared mushrooms and bring the liquid to a boil. We periodically remove the white foam that accumulates on the water surface with a slotted spoon - “noise”.

After boiling, reduce the heat on the stove and cook oyster mushrooms 20 - 25 minutes stirring. After the required time, add citric acid to the pan. Be careful, it will begin to “react” with hot water, which will cause a large accumulation of foam, which can overflow onto the stove!
Then cook the mushrooms 1 - 2 minutes. Next, remove the pan from the stove, put it on the countertop, cover with a lid so that a gap of 5 - 6 cm remains and leave the mushrooms in this form on 12 hours (at room temperature).

Step 3: store the pickled oyster mushrooms.

After 12 hours in turn, we install a watering can with a wide neck on sterilized liter or half liter cans. Helping ourselves with a ladle, we spread pickled mushrooms on them.
Pour each jar with a cooled marinade, so that the liquid completely covers the oyster mushrooms, tightly close them with plastic lids and put in the refrigerator.

Before serving, throw off the pickled mushrooms in a colander and leave it on it 5 - 7 minutes in order to drain the remains of the marinade. After we transfer them to a salad bowl, season with vegetable oil, garlic, green onions and serve.

Step 4: serve pickled oyster mushrooms.

Pickled oyster mushrooms are served chilled or at room temperature. Before serving, they are seasoned with vegetable oil, ground garlic, rings or half rings of onions, chopped green onions, as well as dill or parsley.

Mushrooms marinated in this way can be stored in the refrigerator. from 4 to 5 months. They can be used as a snack or a side dish for meat and poultry dishes. Enjoy a delicious and simple meal!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- A set of spices can be supplemented with spices such as cloves, dried dill, parsley, flakes of hot red pepper. Slices of fresh garlic can also be added to the marinade.

- For storage of pickled mushrooms it is necessary to use only sterilized jars and plastic lids scalded with boiling water.

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- In the same way you can pickle champignons.