Microwave vegetable soup

Microwave Vegetable Soup Ingredients

  1. 2 carrots
  2. White cabbage a little
  3. Fresh parsley 1 bunch
  4. Zucchini a little
  5. Potato 1 piece
  6. Cauliflower 100 grams
  7. Green peas 1 can
  8. Egg 1 piece
  9. Bouillon cube 1 piece
  10. Water 1 liter
  11. Ground pepper to taste
  12. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredients: Pea, Cabbage, Potato, Carrot, Zucchini, Greens
  • Serving 4 servings


Deep plate, kitchen knife, cutting board, bowl, whisk, tablespoon, microwave.

Cooking vegetable soup in the microwave:

Step 1: prepare the vegetables.

Rinse and dry all vegetables. Root crops: carrots and potatoes; peel and rinse again. Peel the onion, disassemble the cauliflower for inflorescences, also prepare the zucchini (if necessary, peel it from the skin) and greens.
After all, cut the vegetables into small pieces (the smaller the size, the faster it will cook). Put all the vegetables in a plate that is suitable for cooking in the microwave, and mix.

Step 2: cook the vegetable soup in the microwave.

Pour the vegetables with water, mash the bouillon cube with a fork and add it there.
Drain the water from the green peas and also add it to the future soup with other vegetables.
Cover the plate and send the microwave to 14 minutes at maximum power. After the finished soup you will need to pepper and salt to taste, add a beaten egg and mix very carefully. Cover again and let the soup stand for another 5 minutes (not in the microwave, but on the table already).

Step 3: serve the vegetable soup.

Pour the prepared vegetable soup in portions and serve as the main main course for lunch. You can season it with adjika or sour cream, if you so wish. The soup turns out to be very light, but satisfying, and thanks to the egg, the broth comes out rich and quite thick.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Instead of eggs, you can add noodles or rice to the soup, but they will need to be added to other ingredients before sending everything to boil in the microwave.

- You can add different vegetables to the soup, so a celery stalk, broccoli, green beans and ripe tomatoes are suitable here.

- If after the indicated time the vegetables in the soup are still raw, return the plate to the microwave and continue cooking, but do not put it on for long, it is better to slightly digest than to digest.