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Beetroot wine

Beetroot Wine Ingredients

  1. Beetroot 2 kilograms
  2. Boiling water 3.5 liters
  3. Sugar 4 cups per 4.5 liters of beetroot extract
  4. Ginger root 40 grams
  5. Lemon 2 pieces
  6. Yeast 1 tablespoon
  • Main ingredients: Beet, Sugar


Container, pan, water lock, kitchen knife, cutting board, gauze.

Cooking beet wine:

Step 1: prepare the beets.

Wash the beets properly, but do not peel them, cut the root vegetables into medium sized pieces. Watch carefully, vegetables must be healthy, and all traces of rot are removed.

Put the beets in a pan and pour boiling water over them. Add the coarsely chopped ginger root. Cover everything and let stand for 4 days.

Step 2: decanting the hood.

Through a dense cheesecloth, folded several times, pass the beetroot extract. Squeeze the beets.
Measure the amount of fluid.

Step 3: leave the wine to ferment.

Pour the beetroot extract into a container suitable for wine fermentation, add sugar, yeast and squeeze the juice from the lemon. Close the bottle with a water seal or fasten a medical glove with a pierced finger on the neck. Put the wine in a warm (18-24 degrees) and dark place for fermentation.
When the water seal stops gurgling or the surgical glove drops, mix the wine and let it stand still 3 days.
The fermented drink must then be filtered, poured into a clean jar / barrel and left to ripen on 8-9 months in a cool place. Still in the dark.
Then beet wine can be poured into storage bottles and tasted.

Step 4: serve beetroot wine.

Serving beet wine is best before dinner to increase appetite. You can also present a drink as an original gift. Vegetable wine has a slightly different taste than fruit wine, and this is its highlight.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- If the wine wanders for a long time, pour it into a clean container, removing the sediment.

- Watch the temperature in the room where the wine is fermenting, there should not be strong fluctuations. For example, between daytime and nighttime temperatures.