Chili pepper jam

Ingredients for Making Chili Pepper Jam

  1. Red chili pepper 1 kilogram
  2. Sugar 1 kilogram
  3. Vinegar 9% 1 liter
  • Main ingredients: Pepper, Sugar


Saucepan, kitchen knife, cutting board, ladle, gloves, glass jars with lids.

Making Chili Jam:

Step 1: boil vinegar with sugar.

In a saucepan suitable for size (note that you still need to place pepper in it), boil vinegar with sugar.

Boil everything for 30 minutes over medium heat. Until the sugar melts properly and combines with vinegar.

Step 2: prepare the peppers.

Hot peppers, burning, cleaning and washing them, take care of your hands and respiratory tract. You can put on tight medical gloves on your hands, and a mask on your face.

Rinse the peppers, cut off their green ponytails and divide each in half.

Remove seeds and septa from the core of the pepper.

You will get such half peppers completely peeled.

Each half must be divided along into two more parts, and then, sliced ​​across, crumble into small cubes with a knife.

The smaller the cubes - the better, this is still jam, so the consistency should be almost uniform.

Step 3: Cook the jam.

Dip slices of hot peppers in vinegar-sugar syrup.

Cook the jam, stirring over low heat for 40 minutes.

You should have thick caramel and glazed pieces of pepper in it.

Step 4: we make jam from chili pepper.

Place the jam in warm sterilized glass jars. Close the lids tightly and turn the container upside down. Wrap the jars in a thick towel or plaid. Leave the workpiece to cool like this for about a day, and then put it in the pantry or where you will store it.

Step 5: serve the chili pepper jam.

Serve chili pepper jam as a complement to a variety of hot dishes.

This is a very tasty, bright and spectacular addition that will surely decorate any meal, and make a real sensation on the festive table.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Harvest jam from chili peppers in small jars so that the workpiece open in the refrigerator does not stand for a long time.