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Apple wine

Ingredients for Making Apple Wine

  1. Apples 20 kilograms
  2. Sugar 150-400 grams per 1 liter of juice
  • Main IngredientsApple, Sugar


Fermentation containers, water trap, bottle, sieve or colander, grater / juicer, gauze.

Apple wine making:

Step 1: prepare the apples.

Apples do not need to be washed; if the fruits were picked from the ground, simply wipe them with a dry rag. But be sure to remove the seeds and damaged areas. Peeling fruit is also not necessary.
Now you need to chop the apples. It is best to do this with a juicer, but if not, just rub the apples on a mechanical grater, keeping the juice. You should end up with juicy applesauce.

Step 2: let the apple juice roam.

Transfer the resulting apple juice or puree into a large, wide-necked fermentation tank. Tie the neck tightly with gauze. And leave to stand on 2-3 daysto start the fermentation process. For the first couple of days with a clean wooden stick, stir the pulp of apples and juice rising up.
After 3 dayswhen the pulp finally comes up, catch it from the juice using a saucepan or colander.
Thin foam will remain on the surface, and a sour smell will be felt around, the wine will play.

Immediately after removing the pulp, add the first portion of sugar 100-150 grams per liter (first you will need to measure the amount of liquid obtained). Then close the fermentation container with a tight lid with a water trap.
Across 4-5 days add a second portion of sugar, for this, first dissolve it in a small amount of wine, and then mix with the rest of the liquid. If necessary, you can repeat this procedure yet 1-2 times (to get a sweet wine, for example).

Step 3: leave the wine to ripen.

After the last sugar addition, send your apple wine to roam in a tightly closed container with a water seal or medical glove in a warm and dark place. In this case, fill the container no more than 70% of the total volume.
Wine should ferment 30-60 daysbut if it wanders for more than one month, transfer it to a clean container, getting rid of sediment.
When the water shutter stops gurgling and the glove falls off, the fermentation process is over.
Pour fermented apple wine from one container to another using a plastic tube. New containers must be clean, boiled. Fill it at the very neck and close tightly. Send the wine to ripen when 6-16 ° C into a dark room.
Once a 10-15 days pour apple wine into a clean bottle to remove sediment. Each time, the sediment will be less and less, which means the transfusion procedure can be carried out less frequently.
Apple wine will be ready when there is no sediment at the bottom of the bottle, or very little remains. Then pour the drink into storage bottles and, having sealed it tightly, leave them to stand in a cool place.

Step 4: serve apple wine.

Apple wine can be served at any opportunity. It is a pleasant sunny drink with a bright smell of fruit. Wine is stored up to 3 years, and every year it only gets better.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- 150-200 grams of sugar per liter of apple juice is usually added, 300-400 grams is the norm for sweet and dessert wines.

- If the juice of apples is very sour, it even nibbles the tongue, it can be slightly diluted with water, literally 50-100 milliliters per liter of juice, not more.