Vegetable caviar for the winter

Ingredients for the preparation of vegetable caviar for the winter

  1. Zucchini 2 kilograms
  2. Carrot 500 grams
  3. Bulgarian pepper 1 kilogram
  4. Onion 1 kg
  5. Vegetable oil 500 milliliters
  6. Tomato Paste 750 milliliters
  7. Bay leaf to taste
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Ground pepper to taste
  10. Water optional
  • Main ingredients: Onion, Carrot, Pepper, Zucchini


Saucepan, spatula, blender, knife for peeling vegetables, cans, ladle.

Preparation of vegetable caviar for the winter:

Step 1: prepare the vegetables.

Wash and dry vegetables, peel carrots, onions and zucchini and cut into small pieces. Bell pepper so far only rinse.

Step 2: stew carrots and onions.

Heat oil in a large saucepan. Along the way, grind carrots and onions with a blender, and then put the vegetables in hot oil.
Stir, add a little boiling water, if necessary, and simmer until soft, stirring occasionally.

Step 3: chop the zucchini.

Zucchini grate on a fine grater or grind with a blender. If the vegetables are young, then it will be enough to peel them from the skin, more mature zucchini must be cleaned of seeds.

Step 4: bake the pepper.

Bake the peppers until black on the skin with an oven or over an open fire. After transfer the vegetables into a container, add salt and close.
When the peppers have cooled, you can easily peel them from the skin and seeds. Chopped peeled peppers finely.

Step 5: stew the vegetables.

When the carrots are soft, add chopped zucchini and a little boiling water to the pan, if necessary.

Add the chopped bell pepper following the zucchini and mix your vegetable stew.

When the zucchini becomes soft, add the tomato paste (if it is thick, then dilute it with boiling water) and a few (4-5 pieces) of bay leaves. Continue to simmer until water evaporates.
At the end, add salt and pepper to the vegetable caviar to taste (you can directly try so that there are definitely enough spices in your opinion).

Step 6: we prepare vegetable caviar for the winter.

Place hot vegetable caviar in sterilized glass jars, cover with lids and put in a pan for subsequent pasteurization.
Pour the cans with the blanks with water on the shoulders and put everything on fire. Warm in almost boiling water for 50-60 minutesso that your workpiece is stored for a long time and does not deteriorate.
After that, the jars should be removed from the pan, wrapped with a blanket or blanket and left until completely cooled.

Step 7: serve the vegetable caviar.

Remove harvested vegetable caviar in a dark and cool place. Wait for the right occasion and open one jar to try and make sure that it is a very tasty and healthy preservation.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- From this amount of ingredients, 8 jars (350 grams each) of vegetable stew are obtained.