Elderberry jam

Elderberry Jam Ingredients

  1. Elderberry 1 kg
  2. Sugar 500 grams
  • Main Ingredients Elderberry, Sugar


Glass jars, ladle, saucepan, tablespoon, deep plate.

Making elderberry jam:

Step 1: prepare the berries.

Take elderberry black, only it has healing properties. Berries must be ripe, clean and well washed.
Put the berries removed from the twigs in a deep plate or immediately in a saucepan, in which you will cook later, cover with sugar and leave on one hour at room temperature. Elderberry should let the juice go.

Step 2: cook the elderberry jam.

Now, together with the juice, rearrange the elderberry on a slow fire. Cook after boiling for 30 minutesremoving foam from the surface. Berry syrup should boil and become thicker.
That's it, now you can enjoy jam or prepare it for the winter.

Step 3: we prepare elderberry jam.

Pour the prepared elderberry jam into clean, sterilized in the oven or microwave jars, tightly close, turn upside down and let cool. Then hide the healthy treat in the pantry or basement.

Step 4: serve elderberry jam.

Serve elderberry jam exactly as usual. That is, with tea, with pancakes, with toast or with cookies. Very tasty and incredibly healthy.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- The amount of sugar in this jam can be adjusted independently, based on how sweet you want to get the result. Often, housewives add sugar in a ratio of 1: 1 to berries.