Spicy rose appetizer

Ingredients for the preparation of spicy rose snacks

  1. Green chilli optional
  2. Sliced ​​sausage, salami or ham optional
  3. Cherry tomatoes for decoration
  • Main ingredients Ham, Sausage and sausages, Peppers


Kitchen knife, cutting board.

Cooking spicy rose snacks:

Step 1: prepare the peppers.

Sausage should be cut into very thin slices, it is better to take it right away in slices.
Wash peppers and tomatoes.

Dry the peppers with paper towels. By the way, curved peppers will look more interesting.

Take one pepper and carefully cut it in half with a zigzag. To do this, just carefully stick the blade of the knife at different angles.

Peel the cut pepper from the seeds inside.

Do the same with all the chilies that you have. These will be the stems for your roses.

Step 2: prepare the sausage.

Take a thin slice of sausage in your hand.

Bend it gently in half.

Then again in half.

You will get a "bud" for your rose.

Step 3: form the roses.

Insert the sausage into the lower half of the pepper (the one with the tail) and do the same with the remaining slices.

You will get these "roses". Now it remains only to serve them on the table as a decoration or as a savory snack.

Step 4: serve the appetizer.

If you serve the appetizer separately, you should decorate it with halves of small cherry tomatoes. Beautifully arrange the peppers with sausage inside, add tomatoes and fresh herbs, for example, and take the "Spicy Rose" snack to the festive table.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Be careful when working with chili peppers, wash your hands well afterwards and do not scratch your eyes and nose.