Endive Salad with Crab Sticks

Ingredients for making endive salad with crab sticks

For salad

  1. Endive (salad chicory) 1-2 pieces
  2. Canned corn 200 grams
  3. 7 crab sticks
  4. Salad 1 piece (small)
  5. Fresh parsley 1/2 bunch
  6. Lemon juice optional

For mayonnaise

  1. Yolk 2 pieces (1 boiled and 1 raw)
  2. Vegetable oil 150 milliliters
  3. Lemon 1 piece
  4. Mustard 1 tablespoon
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Ground pepper to taste
  • Main Ingredients Corn, Salad, Crab Sticks
  • Serving 3 servings


Plate, supply vases, kitchen knife, cutting board, tablespoon, mixer.

Making endive salad with crab sticks:

Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

Disassemble the endive into leaves and rinse with cold water, then dry and cut into small cubes.
Finely chop the salad greens and parsley.
Rinse corn kernels with running water and pat dry.
Cut the crab sticks into small pieces.

Step 2: make mayonnaise.

To make a good homemade mayonnaise, mix raw and boiled yolk in a bowl. When the mass becomes homogeneous, add oil without ceasing to whisk. And at the very end, season everything with lemon juice, salt, pepper and mustard. Stir until smooth.

Step 3: mix endive salad with crab sticks.

You can put the salad in vases in arbitrary layers, I will show you only one way.
Lay the corn to the bottom by mixing it with lettuce.

Let the crab sticks be the next layer.

Now a thick homemade mayonnaise.

And chopped endive at the end.
Pour lemon juice to your taste and garnish on top with mayonnaise and lemon slices, as well as finely chopped parsley.

Step 4: serve endive salad with crab sticks.

It turns out a very simple and light salad, which will decorate any of your feast with its appearance and taste. Especially if you serve it in weightless transparent vases. Cook and eat for health!
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can simply mix all the ingredients for the salad without bothering with a colorful serving, it will be delicious anyway.

- Instead of parsley, you can decorate the salad with fresh mint.