Christmas tree made of chocolate

Chocolate Christmas Tree Ingredients

  1. Bitter or milk chocolate 100 grams
  2. White Chocolate 50 grams
  3. Butter 3 tablespoons
  4. Decorative sprinkles (pearls, stars, multi-colored sweets) for decoration
  5. Crystalline colored sugar for decoration
  • Main Ingredients: Oil, Cocoa and Chocolate


Film, plates, spoon, toothpick.

Making Christmas tree made of chocolate:

Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

Melt the white and dark chocolate in two different plates in a water bath. Add oil to them in the process. Two spoons in dark chocolate, and one in white. And melt everything to a liquid state, stirring.
All decorative elements must be edible, and to fasten the tree itself you definitely need candy-dragees of a small size, preferably multi-colored.

Step 2: make chocolate blanks.

Spread cling film on the countertop. First put the dark chocolate with a spoon, and on top white and a toothpick, stretch it in different directions to make an asterisk. In this case, the rays of the stars are bent to the side for beauty.
The blanks must be of different sizes, since the base of the tree will be the largest, and on the top the smallest, respectively.
After you finish forming the blanks, leave them to cool and harden so that you can then carefully remove them from the film without breaking.
Leave some chocolate to hold the tree together.

Step 3: collect the Christmas tree made of chocolate.

The main thing for your tree can be kiwi or cookies, the main thing is to be stable. Brush it with melted chocolate and set one of the blanks, the largest. Put a little melted chocolate on its center, place the candy, drop the chocolate on it and place one more piece on top, already the size is smaller.

So collect your Christmas tree. Layer by layer. Along the way, you can already decorate it with decorative sweets, planting them with tweezers on melted chocolate.

Step 4: decorate the Christmas tree made of chocolate.

You can decorate the tree even after it is assembled. Use tweezers for convenience, as I already wrote. And at the top you can plant red dragees on chocolate.
Sprinkle everything at the end with colored crystalline sugar, so the Christmas tree will become even more elegant.

Step 5: serve the Christmas tree made of chocolate.

Christmas tree made of chocolate looks good on a large plate surrounded by other sweets, cookies and other sweets. She pleases the eye and creates a festive mood.
Holiday greetings!

Recipe Tips:

“You can also melt chocolate in the microwave, but be careful not to burn it.” Place the chocolate in the microwave for a short time several times.