Hot sandwich with apple, onion and cheese

Ingredients for Making a Hot Sandwich with Apple, Onion and Cheese

  1. Pieces of bread to taste
  2. Apple to taste
  3. Grated cheese to taste
  4. Red onion to taste
  5. Dijon mustard to taste
  6. Olive oil for frying
  • Main Ingredients: Onion, Apple, Bread
  • World Cuisine


Frying pan, kitchen knife, spatula, cutting board.

Making a hot sandwich with apple, onion and cheese:

Step 1: prepare the ingredients.

Onions and apples need to be cut into thin slices. Before that, of course, having peeled the onion from the husk, but apples can not be peeled from the skin.
Lubricate a couple of pieces of bread with Dijon mustard. And put on one of them cheese, apple and onion slices, and sprinkle with grated cheese on top and cover with a second piece.
Make as many sandwiches as you need.

Step 2: fry a hot sandwich with apple, onion and cheese.

Heat a little vegetable oil in a pan and put sandwiches in it.

Press them well on top, putting some kind of press (here you need a little imagination) and fry over medium heat until golden brown.
Then the sandwich should be carefully turned over and fried on the other side too.
The cheese will melt at the same time, and it will be wonderful.

Step 3: serve a hot sandwich with apple, onion and cheese.

Remove the hot sandwich from the pan, cut it into halves across and serve as an appetizer to the table. It turns out very tasty! And what to do next with them, I think, you know. Enjoy the result of your cooking.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- Bread for the preparation of these hot sandwiches can be taken both wheat and rye, of your choice.